Simple Precautions for the "by far" Most Beautiful Holiday

  • To ensure the safety of all of us, we take some simple precautions - especially for you, of course.
  • We welcome you warmly - but not as usual with handshakes and/or hugs.
  • We clean our apartments for you, dear guests, according to a very elaborate and hygienic cleaning schedule – so you can enjoy and relax.
  • Safe and healthy - wear the FFP2 mask in all public areas, you will need them also in all shops, restaurants, public transport, gondolas, pharmacy, doctor, etc.). Children aged 7 to 14 and pregnant women only need a tight-fitting non-medical mask, which we are also happy to provide. Wash your hands regularly. A dispenser with an alcohol-based hand rub is available in the entrance area.
  • 2 dispensers with disinfectant are available in the entrance area.
  • Maintain at least a 2-metres distance between yourself and others who do not belong to your own household.
  • On behalf of your own benefit, please, open the windows in the rooms several times a day.
  • Clean towels will be provided for you in front of the apartments.
  • We are 3 times vaccinated.
  • You can get tested at our doctor’s offices and pharmacies here in Kirchberg and at the public test center (Teststraße) at Schwarzsee (free of charge with an Austrian e-card also at the doctor and the pharmacy; others free only at the public test center ) - pre-registration necessary.

We hope that - as it was also the case last year – everyone will return safe and sound.